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Chillies 101

Chillies 101

The chilli is a priceless gem of a condiment. This fiery little pepper makes every flavour pop! The devoted chilli lover can be seen in relentless pursuit of that tantalizing heat even through reddening cheeks and watering eyes. Its also key in most Indian cuisines and knowing how to cut and handle it is important and often necessary.

With our helpful guide to cutting chillies for any dish you can become a mistress (or master) of spice in your own right.


Chopping Chillies

  • First take off the tops. When stored in the fridge without the top on, the chillies stay fresh for longer.
  • Hold a few chillies together on your chopping board and slice them through with your knife.
  • If you’re not a fan of biting into spicy pieces of chilli, you should cut them in bigger pieces so you can easily remove them later.


Slitting Chillies

  • Slit chillies are awesome for a nice kick without the piercing pieces setting your mouth ablaze.
  • Once you taken off the tops a chilli can be slit by holding it firmly from the top on a cutting board.
  • Then drive the knife through the middle and you’ve got yourself a slit chilli! Simple and easy.
  • You should use slit chillies when you want some flavour but don’t want the chilli to mix into your dish.


De-seeding Chillies

  • Using a spoon is a great hack for taking out the seeds. That you don’t have to worry about scraping or tearing the chillies skin.
  • TIP: You can put these seeds in an envelope and leave them for about a month. Once they’ve dried out you can plant them to grow your own chilli plant or sprinkle them on food for an instant chilli hit.


Julienning Chillies

  • Julienne is basically a fancy french word for thin strips. To get juliennes you should first slit your chillies.
  • Remove the seeds if you’d like. 
  • Then firmly hold the slit half skin side up on your cutting board.
  • And using your knife cut the chilli into Juliennes. If a chilli is particularly thin just cut it in half. Always remember, your fingers matter more than your Juliennes. 
  • Chilli juliennes are great to use in stir fries and stews.


Finely Chopping Chillies

  • To chop those chillies finely you should start by taking off the tops and slitting them in half.
  • Then scrape out the seeds if you like (or leave them in).
  • And cut the chilli into juliennes (or thin strips).
  • Now finally, you’re ready to finely chop. Just hold all the juliennes firmly on your cutting board.
  • And chop as finely as you can.
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