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Silky Smooth Shrikhand

Silky Smooth Shrikhand

Shrikhand is an Indian Dessert made from Hung Curd. It is one of the main desserts in both Gujarati and Maharashtrian households.There are various types of Shrikhand available. Some of the more traditional flavours added to Shrikhand are Kesar/Saffron or Cardamom/Elaichi.

Ingredients Required For The Shrikhand:

  • Fresh Curd or Yogurt - 4.5 Cups
  • Powdered Sugar - 5 to 6 tbsp
  • Cardamom Powder (Or 4-5 finely crushed green cardamom/elaichi)
  • Saffron/Kesar - 2 strands
  • Warm Milk - 1/2 tsp


Ingredients Required For the Garnish:

  • Pistachios - Chopped
  • Saffron/Kesar


Utensils Required:

  • Strainer
  • Deep Bowl
  • White Muslin Cloth
  • Spatula
  • Lidded bowl
  • Electric Beater
  • 2 Bowls - 1 medium and 1 small



To make hung curd:

  • Take a deep bowl and line it with a strainer. Then line the muslin cloth on the strainer.
  • Pour the fresh curd into the muslin cloth.
  • Once the fresh curd has been poured, bring the four edges of the muslin cloth together and tie one edge tightly around the rest.
  • Place the tied muslin sack in the strainer and press it gently. (You will see the whey dripping)
  • Hang the muslin sack for anything between 4-24 hours. Alternatively, you can place a heavy bowl/lid/tray on the tied muslin cloth. Ensure that there is some distance between the hung cloth and the bowl so that there is absolutely no whey left in the curd.
  • With a spatula collect the hung curd in a container or lidded bowl and then refrigerate if not using immediately.


To make the Shrikhand:

  • Take 1/2 tsp warm milk in a bowl. Add the saffron strands - 2 pinches. Stir the mixture and keep it aside.
  • Transfer the hung curd into a bowl and add powdered sugar. Lightly stir with a spatula.
  • Now add the saffron dissolved milk to the above mixture.
  • Using the electric beater, whip the curd until smooth and until all the sugar has melted.
  • With a spatula, scrape the beaters sides and edges of the bowl and whip the mixture again.
  • Taste the Shrikhand, and add more sugar if required.
  • Transfer the mixture into a bowl, and garnish the Shrikhand with chopped pistachios and saffron.



  • If you don’t have powdered sugar, regular sugar can also be used.
  • If you don’t have an electric beater, you can beat the yogurt in a blender.
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