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Refreshing Watermelon Elixir

Refreshing Watermelon Elixir

A delicious, nutritious and easy way to keep yourself hydrated this summer, this Watermelon Elixir is just what you need to drink today! This hydrating drink is designed for maximum cooling and helps accelerate weight loss.

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Serves: 4 | Preparation Time: 10 mins |  Cooking Time: 15 mins  


  • Watermelon/ तरबूज़ - 1 kg
  • Mint leaves/ पुदीना - 20
  • Ginger/ अदरक  - ½ inch
  • Lemon juice/ निम्बू का रस - 2 tbsp
  • Black salt/ काला नमक - pinch
  • Stevia powder/ स्टीविया - pinch


Utensils Required:

  • Blender
  • Knife
  • Chopping Board
  • Glass



How To Choose A Watermelon:

  • Always pick the largest watermelon. Bigger watermelons have the perfect water content and are therefore juicier. They should be symmetrical, big and heavy.
  • Next, pick a watermelon which is slightly discoloured from one side - preferably a creamy yellow. A creamy yellow indicates your watermelon will be ripe as opposed to a white discolouration. Watermelons are usually discoloured at the area which touches the ground during its growth stage.
  • Always check for hollowness by tapping two fingers on the side opposite to the discolouration. If your watermelon feels hollow, it is ripe. An underripe one will have a higher pitched sound, whereas an overripe one will have a lower pitched sound. Preferably hold the watermelon in one hand (the discolouration facing downward) and tap on the opposite side. The vibrations should be felt all the way to the bottom where you’re holding the watermelon.


How To Cut Your Watermelon:

  • Place your watermelon on the discoloured side. It should stay put and not roll away. If it doesn’t roll away it means it is on its heaviest side and it will be easier to cut.
  • Next, using a sharp and big knife, slice the watermelon into two equal halves.
  • Keep one-half away, and keeping the flat side face down cut it into 2 halves again.
  • Taking one piece at a time, cut the watermelon into three slices.
  • Next, place the sliced pieces keeping any flat side face down, and cut the watermelon into 3 equal pieces.
  • Finally, chop off the hard exterior and discard the pieces. However, the watermelon rind is extremely beneficial to your kidneys and heart, so you may use those too.
  • You may discard the seeds if you like, however they are a great source of iron, zinc, protein and fibre.


How To Make The Watermelon Elixir:

  • Add your chopped watermelon to the grinder. If you haven’t discarded the seeds, don’t worry they will get ground up the grinder along with the watermelon pieces.
  • Next, add some chopped ginger for that gorgeous pungent aroma. It aids in digestion, reduces nausea and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It also helps in burning fat. If you prefer lesser fibre, you may opt for young ginger.
  • Then we’ll add some plucked mint leaves for that hint of freshness. It helps impart that cooling sensation that all of us crave for during the summer! Mint is a natural stimulant and helps recharge your energy levels.
  • Next, we’ll add some lime for that extra zing! You may add more or less lime depending on how citrusy you prefer your drinks.  Lime is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C, Iron and Fibre which give your immune system a boost.


  • To season this nutritious and delicious concoction, we’ll add some black salt and stevia. Black Salt is a cooling salt and is, therefore, the ideal pick. In addition to being a laxative, it aids digestion and improves eyesight. It also helps regulate blood pressure and cures heartburn. Stevia is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener made from a plant. Considered great for diabetics, It’s sold in both powder and leaf form. It helps lower blood pressure and regulates insulin levels. It also has anti-allergic properties and helps reduce bacterial formation in the mouth.
  • Finally, blend the mixture until all your lumps are no longer visible. Strain your slush to obtain a pulp free juice. You may even consume it without straining.


  • Once strained, pour it out into a glass, garnish it with some gorgeous fresh mint leaves and serve it chilled!


Benefits of Watermelon:

  • Watermelon is loaded with lycopene which is a rockstar nutrient for your skin.
  • Loaded with electrolytes, it keeps you hydrated for longer on hot summer days.
  • L-citrulline, an amino acid in watermelon helps relax muscle pain and helps relieve muscle soreness.
  • Watermelon helps regulate your blood pressure and cardiac stress for obese patients.
  • Watermelon is approximately 91% water and therefore keeps you well hydrated and reduces the risk of a heat stroke.


Notes: You may use sugar instead of stevia if it is unavailable. However, the health benefits of the drink will vary.

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